Simply Clean

As a professional Naperville house cleaning service, we pride ourselves in only using fully "green", non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products in your home.

Since our clients care mostly about the quality of work performed, we use a size-based pricing plan (in square feet), as opposed to hourly wages.

About Us

Simply Clean is a dedicated team of professional Naperville maids, providing you with comprehensive house cleaning services. We believe in exceptional customer service and truly aren't satisfied until you are.

We're located in Naperville, IL, but our total service area is much farther. In total, we cover over 30 cities!


We offer 3 distinct cleaning plans that specialize in general house cleaning, extra-scrub deep cleaning, and comprehensive spring cleaning for move in & move out cleaning.

Our pricing is based on the package selected and the size of your home. Complete our form to receive a free quote!


We at Simply Clean believe in being as eco-friendly as possible. You shouldn't have to put up with foul smelling chemicals from your cleaning crew.

We offer excellent service by using only green cleaning products from trusted "green" brands like Seventh Generation, Martha Stewart, Biokleen & Method.

Plan A

Plan A is recommended for families who simply get backed up on regular cleaning and want a professional Naperville maid service to tidy things up for them.

Choose Plan A to get a thorough cleaning throughout your bathroom, living areas, and kitchen.

What's included in our Plan A service?

Plan B

Plan B is geared towards those with children and pets who'd like a much more meticulous approach to their cleaning service. This is a very popular plan among families.

This plan includes a checklist with over 50 cleaning services provided. You won't be disappointed.

What's included in our Plan B service?

Plan C

Plan C is our spring cleaning plan and is our most detailed plan offered. Perfect for move-in/move-out cleaning. Realtors absolutely love us because we leave the unit sparkling!

With Plan C, you won't have to worry about anything getting swept under the rug (literally).

What's included in our Plan C service?